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 I paint with my eyes using the language of light; following in paint how light defines surfaces, casts shadows and reveals colors. My art celebrates objectivity, yet each painted description describes me; revealing the mind that selected, the hand that arranged, and the eye that saw. Close observation allows everything visible to speak, from a bowl of apples to the limitless sky.

I paint real things to reveal unseen essences, making selections to evoke memories and induce introspection in the viewer. Painting powerfully transforms familiar, overlooked objects into timeless visual poetry.

By faithfully painting light reflecting from the surface of an object I can unveil its inner soul. The apples of my eyes sing songs of sight in each painted patch of reflected light! 

The Dead Nature Painter (2008) oil on linen canvas

Sunset at Reeves Beach (2007) oil on linen

A Brief Biography:

Mehling began drawing when he was ten years old, copying illustrations from books, impressing teachers and parents with his "native" talent.
For decades he remained self-taught. In his twenties and thirties, he illustrated surrealist dreamscapes. 
After his father died in 1976, he thought he couldn't afford returning to college to study art, so he worked many years in stores to earn a living.
Mehling didn't enjoy working in stores, so in 1994 he began planning in earnest to become a working professional artist. He bought a camera, copied his photos, and returned to college for professional art degrees.

Studio Subjects (2006) oil on linen
By 2000, Mehling realized that painting from observation rather than photos or fantasy produced better results. From 2000 to 2003, he learned traditional painting (classical realism) from Robert Armetta at The Long Island Academy of Fine Art in Riverhead.
Mehling's search for a means of expression took him through three kinds of realism: surrealism, photorealism, and classical realism. In all, the realist method has remained constant.
Following the advice of his mentor at Long Island University, Prof. Neill Slaughter, Mehling began teaching and found it almost as rewarding as painting itself. In 2009 he got an MFA from LIU to teach college and share what he knows with younger painters.
Mehling's personal journey has been a story of struggles, setbacks and successes-but he would add: for an artist there is no greater earthly reward than simply being able to paint.
Minwax By Lamplight (2004) oil on linen (sold)

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